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Customer Reviews. The Skyward Castle Collector's Edition is rated 3.

Awakening: The Skyward Castle Walkthrough

Rated 5 out of 5 by smilingsun72 from Home at last Complete CE: I have played this whole series through several times and never tire of all 7 parts. I recommend this series to kids of all ages! Princess Sophia, with Ran the owl and the Pocket Dragon have finally made it to the Skyward Castle to discover the Shadow draining anyone or anything that has magic then turning it to stone.

As they travel between beautiful hand drawn scenes, solve a variety of puzzles they discover the identity of the Shadow As they help restore the people turned to stone they come one step closer to the King and Queen while learning that Dreadmyre was once the court wizard that unleashed the Shadow. Once Sophia defeats the Shadow she learns her parents, souls are trapped elsewhere, leaving them in a coma. But queen Sophia's journey isn't over. The next episode takes her to the Sunhook Spire to find a way to free her parents' spirits and return them to they're sleeping bodies.

Another great story, with beautiful graphics and musical score. Voiced characters that are not boring. And a variety of puzzles that fit perfectly with the game. I recommend all 7 games in this series, SE or CE.

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It is a faerie tale that never gets boring. Each game is a tell to add to the tale of Sophia's journey.

Awakening: The Skyward Castle

If this was a book series for youths I'd enjoy reading the set. Be sure to check out Awakening Kingdoms that's free on BF Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by Setsunachan from Awakening has done it again Another amazing game in the awakening series. This series has a very engaging plot I rather enjoy. I like that unlike a lot of HOPA's this isn't a horror series. This is one of the best in the series in terms of story line and progression, and keeping with their high standards the music,and graphics both pull you in and keep you there.

The puzzles are great for someone who loves a challenge. Rated 5 out of 5 by jivins11 from I keep saying this, but best yet of this series! This is the 4th Awakening game and they really do get better each time!

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This game is long, challenging, fun, and has LOTS of different types of puzzles. They do unique HOPs mixed in with more typical ones. Plus knot puzzles, matching games, and a ton of other logic puzzles.

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This is the first game in the series where everyone has a voice, except the main character of course. And finally we are given a map that let's you warp to locations!


It also is the first game that has a bonus "episode" if you get the collector's edition. And the Epilog, as its called, is one of the longest and most like the original game that I've seen. My only small complaint is a few times I had literally no idea what I should do next. But the hints were subtle enough, that they pushed me in the right direction. Great game for kids and adults! Rated 5 out of 5 by doveida from castle, never judge a book Loved the game , was looking for the next book is there one?

Princess Sophia awoke from a year slumber in in The Dreamless Castle, traveled to Moonfell Wood to visit the witch and find where her people are. The witch suggested she ask the King in the Goblin Kingdom and she has finally found her people in The Skyward Castle but is still searching for her parents, the King and Queen.

This quest isn't easy because the evil Dreadmyre is hunting her, and she was born without magic!

Awakening: The Skyward Castle

The first thing I noticed about this game, the 4th in the Awakening series, was that the puzzles have become more elaborate and much harder to solve, there are also fewer of them. Braving the dangers of an unfamiliar world, Princess Sophia has travelled far to discover the fate of her exiled kingdom.

Awakening: The Skyward Castle Collector's Edition

Having Awakening: Having no magic of her own in a land built with living magic, she must overcome the many foes, perils and obstacles with her wit, skill and allies. Can Princess Sophia lift the curse that plagues her people? Find out in this epic conclusion, brought to you by the world's 1 Publisher of Adventure games, Big Fish! Go back to the beginning of Sophia's adventures! Can you lift the curse that plagues your people? Meet fascinating new characters that help Sophia save her kingdom?

Unlock the Collector's Edition to get exciting extras like: Discover more from Big Fish Games!

Awakening: The Skyward Castle Strategy Guide

Remove the green cloth E. Internet Explorer 7 or later. The Search for Lost Treasure. Items listed in yellow in HOS are hidden or require additional actions. Use the map to return to Wingferry. Redleaf Forest - Breathing new life into the hidden object genre" on Examiner. Hidden object , Puzzle , Adventure , Casual game.

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