Windows phone 8.1 developer preview lumia 620

How to Download Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview

You might want to make sure that the WP8 GDR3 update was already installed on it, just to be on the safe side. Microsoft has already confirmed with Windows Phone 8. You will also need to have the Preview for Developers App installed on the handset in order to be able to download the OS upgrade. For those who have a developer-unlocked handset, things should be even easier, as they will only need to grab the aforementioned application to start downloading the Windows Phone 8. Unlocking a device could void warranty, so you should take that risk into account. However, Microsoft says that users won't necessarily need to developer-unlock their smartphones to receive access to the newer OS version.

Nokia Lumia 620 now getting the Lumia Cyan update in India, Africa, and Latin America

Those who only register in the App Studio program will be good to go as well. Well, not at least until it is made available. There is a developer preview out there as I understand it, but you may want to wait for the public release. I did this on my Lumia and a Lumia on Monday. Both devices are working well. I think a very high percentage of Windows Phone users are using the Windows Phone 8. There are bugs in Windows Phone 8.

The latest mobile OS from Microsoft gets previewed today

You can have a look at the Original Post from my Blog http: Guys re-read the numerous posts that tell you how to enable cortana or better yet watch a you-tube video, and to those that are saying that it has bugs , well it is a beta after-all. Thanks for marking this as the answer. Given the fact that Lumia is not a high-end device, I think that the whole OS runs smoothly on the phone. A handy addition is that we can choose what button to be shown on the UI and this grants more freedom to user. There are also some little things that make the experience even better.

Twice now my screen has gone crazy and started accepting touch input even though I wasn't touching the screen. Pressing the power button and then unlocking the device fixes the issue.

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Just a heads up that the Preview for Developers is not the final build, not matter what anyone tells you. Although it's a the "gold" release, it will be bumped again before official release.

Many apps are also not compatible with Windows Phone 8. For example, some of my live tiles are not working because the third party app needs to be updated. Other than that, Windows Phone 8. I don't recommend updating but there's really no harm.

Windows Phone on Lumia Have a look at the Developer Preview release of windows phone Running on Noki Lumia Please suggest me how to upgrade my Lumia fro Windows 8 to Windows Developer Preview Program FAQ - Get Windows Phone today.

Once the final release comes out, you'll get your warranty back. The update from WP8 to WP8. As others have said, you can use the developer preview if you want, but you risk running into problems.

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Switched regions to use Cortana but have switched back for the time being. Looks like a pretty useful addition to the OS. I m in India.

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I am using HTC 8s and I am tryng to update it to win 8. I have only mb of free space but it need mb of free space to update.

How to Install Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview

No apps has been installed on the phone to remove. Could you pls suggest? Because I read that it is for Verizon only. I use Vodoafone as a sim card.. Thank you. I did everything in the video but when i checked for uptdate for the second time it just stayed in cheking for updates Is it possible to install the os which releases for the public after installing the developers preview?

Its not letting me update! On the Lumia it says that my phone is up to date. I have T-Mobile btw.