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I have tried going off tracking in the past after weight loss, and have found that the good habits with healthy eating you gained slip away quite quickly in the face of the stresses of everyday life. I would encourage people to try this app for a few weeks and see how you like it; this sort of thing is all about personal preference.


You may or may not want premium; many people find the free version is more than sufficient. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description Lose It! This release note is so chill, it's like Boston in January. Shipping out some behind-the-scenes improvements for ya, including a fix that loads previous meals properly.

It's past mid-January and you're still here using a health and fitness app. And actually reading the release notes. This update is stacked Fresher than the produce section in your fridge after you make your resolutions.

Why Premium? You Asked — We Answer!

More packed than the treadmills at the gym during the first week of the year. Faster than the time it takes to whip up a smoothie you'll drink once and never again Except it's all behind-the-scenes. So you'll have to take our word for it. We interrupt your regularly scheduled romantic holiday flick and baking session to let you know we've updated Lose It!

We're talkin' handsome-prince-you'd-fall-for-after-two-days-and-move-to-Aldovia smooth. You can resume baking now.

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Step 1 to getting on Santa's good list: A few updates, plus a gift to share at your holiday table: How do potatoes resolve an argument? They hash it out.

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Happy Thanksgiving! What do tortas, baguettes, and bibimbap have in common? Our app! Now introducing Lose It! There's more! You'll see a new view when you set or edit your weight loss plan. Plus, we've restored support for Apple Watch OS 4 no more crashing.

Account Options

We are so excited to welcome all our new friends: Stay awesome, and happy tracking! We also restored support for Apple Watch OS 4 so no more crashing. Since we're busy searching last minute costumes, we'll keep it short: We added support for XS max and XR resolutions in the app! Your views should look absolutely boo-tiful. Oops, looks like something wasn't quite adding up with our plus button on the iPad - we got it now, coming at ya with the fix! Our taste in cheese, beer, and bread is about to get a whole lot better.

Say hallo to our German version of Lose It!

How to Use the Lose It App to Meet All Your Weight Loss Goals

Wilkommen, friends! But wait, there's more! If you love our barcode scanner, get this: We're launching a new nutrition label scanner to help you pull in a food's nutrient info in a flash. When creating a new food, tap the "autofill with your camera" button to launch the new scanner, and Lose It! SO much easier than typing.

It's automagical. You're invited to the Cat Pajama Jam! We fixed the issue that stopped you from recording your weight if you were in a locale that uses a comma as the decimal separator. Now it should be working purrfectly. Get ready for the coolest thing to hit your wrist since 80's slap bracelets: Check out the sweet gauges.

In other news, we fixed the bug causing the wrong log screen header to be displayed. Now it matches up with your log display, just like it should. Boy were we in a jam! Butter get this update with the fixes: We fixed the bug where logging from a Siri voice shortcut was failing. Couple of cough drops did the trick. Announcing our latest celeb partnership: Once Siri determines the timing of your meals and the food you typically log, it will suggest them to you for easier tracking.

Gotta love having famous friends. Get ready to run - you can now connect your Garmin device through the Health app! We've also worked out the iPad bug preventing people from starting a new plan. Yep, we put some muscle behind this release. Those 3 little words we all want to hear: Bug fixes.

Cortland: Before

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Lose It! at owicybiluzit.gq I love this app, and I upgraded to the premium with no regrets. I log my exercise. More than just an app, Lose It! Premium is a successful and comprehensive program with a strong sense of community. As of today, Lose It! users have lost more.

I'll be there for you Here's what we patched up: Glad that's cleared up. We've got some thyme on our hands for a little update.

Lose It! Premium

When you upgrade, each day is a new exploration into your unlocked features. Lose It! With more goals, deeper insights, and extra motivation, these upgraded features set you up to succeed:. Connect trackers like Fitbit to send steps, activity, and more to your Premium account. Track more than just calories!

Cortland: After

Check out the sweet gauges. So after using Lose it for an entire year I am maintaining my 35 pound weight loss. Your subscription and payment information can be managed in your iTunes account settings. Very low in calories and it's a nice grab-and-go snack that I love. How cool is that?

Premium gives you everything you could want to track your macronutrients. Plus, you can get insights on the foods that contribute to your nutrient intake. The proof is in the inches and how your clothes fit, which is why in Premium we provide body fat percentage and body measurements to custom goals. Watch the inches drop as your clothes get looser, or set a blood pressure, blood glucose, sleep, steps, sugar, fiber, hydration, or other health goals to keep you on track.

Set yourself up for success and plan meals easily by logging foods on future dates. Premium user, but why not try making it yourself! Premium members can also join over twice as many challenges as the free version. Challenge , where Premium users can create their own total wellness challenge. Motivate your friends by creating a private group, or make it public to link up with new Lose It! Reports are a helpful tool for accountability and communicating with trainers, doctors, nutritionists, and supportive friends or loved ones.

This option sends a daily or weekly detailed log to whichever emails you desire.