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Your Content Secure & Private You can export easily to the camera roll or email, making this a very practical - and most of all secure -- alternative to the native Camera app. Read our Privacy notice Useful links. Know Your Mobile is a trademark of Felix Dennis. Social media links Find us on Facebook Connect with us on Twitter. You are here: My Secret Folder review [iPhone]. Reviews Spanner Spencer Tech Specs. Despite the official App Store listing suggesting furtive and illicit uses, My Secret Folder is a very practical and legitimate security app for anyone who wants to keep their photos and videos private.

The decoy, camouflage and break-in attempt reports are just a bonus. Specifications Platform iPhone Cost 69p Version 1. Read More About: Sign up for our free newsletter. Related content. I am using secret file lite in my mac i did the back up and did the factory reset but after restore my back everything was fine but the photos inside the secret file lite app were not back i tried lot didn't get.

Can you please help me how to get back. Actually, i had separate folders in this app having Pictures. So i am not sure if those suppose to be see here under Documents folder OR Secretdata sqlite file is having everything in it OR I have lost everything in it as well. Is there any chance i can recover my data?

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Also, i have tried with new backup of my phone having IOS The iCloud backup is likely encrypted and won't work. If you still have the app on your phone, then do an un-encrypted backup to your computer and try the above steps. Hi John Michaels. Do you see the thumbnails within the iExplorer app?

Hide Secret Apps in 'Invisible' Folders on Your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch [How-To]

You can try exporting them and using Irfanview free download to open them. Irfanview will open media files even if the file type is incorrect. I have tried opening with other apps and nothing seems to work, any advice? Enelokir - The only way is to perform the steps listed above, starting with an un-encrypted iTunes backup to your computer. I have never backed up iPhone using iTunes with encryption on, it is always off.

This encryption I believe is within the app itself, given one needs a passcode to open and access the files inside it. Are you sure that the backup was created with the Encryption box unchecked? If not, do another back-up from your phone with "This Computer" checked and "Encrypt iPhone Backup" unchecked.

If that was done previously, then I would keep checking the other folders in the backup for the unencrypted files. I managed to export the folder with the photos, which was at it. I can see many fines with extensions.

My app remains in waiting to download mode on my iPhone and can't be updated at I get a message that 'app is no longer in the App Store'. So I am still stuck on what to do. Check to see if you have any other older unencrypted backups on your computer.

You can also try backing up the phone again. Thanks for all your help. Sorry, I have read by through my comments and I think I haven't actually explained what happened very well, so here goes. I backed up my iPhone before doing the latest update. I then did the update and my phone crashed in the middle of it, after talking to apple support and running through a few options, the only solution was to take it back to factory settings and then restore from the backup.

I did this.

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I did not realise that the company that run my SecretApp was having issues affording upgrading to the apple updates so when I restored my phone and clicked on the app, it tells me that this app is no longer available in the app store and I cannot access it. I then googled it and found the crowdfunding page, with links to your page. I have downloaded iexplorer but nothing in my previous back up seems to be my photos and notes from this app.

None of the names mentioned in this thread are there and I have been through anything else that looked like it could be it and there is no information. A friend of mine has an iPhone on an earlier update so I could restore my backup to that and I thought that might work and make it so as my SecretApp would reopen. However, there also seems to be a lot of warnings that putting SecretApp on a new device would lock it forever.

I am absolutely lost without the photos and notes I have lost including some photos of my Mum who passed away and various passcodes so any advice about what I can do is gratefully appreciated. This is not my area of expertise I'm afraid.

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My back up did have encryption disabled - it shows that. I think I will have to try going through all the apps but there are lots of them and none of them seem to make any sense in terms of 'belonging' to the secret app. But i cannot backup on itune because the back up now button 's grey out. How can i fix it? I would try backing it up to your computer again, making sure that you have encryption disabled. You can try clicking on the various app names and see if any of them contain the content you're looking for. Hoping you can help - I have SecretApp on my iPhone and had no idea it wouldn't work with the new iPhone back up.

I have downloaded iExplorer but cannot find it listed in the apps under either of the names you have mentioned, nor any other name that makes any sense. Fulbio - If you're talking about the iExplorer app, click on "Continue in Demo mode" like it says above. There is no cost to following these instructions.

Is there a way to make it STOP? Muhammad - Try looking in other folders for the videos. You may just be seeing the thumbnails. Muhammad - If you have an iTunes backup of your iPhone or iPad on your computer you should be able to recover your files. Hi Brady. Are you sure the backup was not encrypted?

Are you able to open the SecretFolder. Is there still a chance I can recover? Never had any issues viewing any files before. Damn app. Probably for the best anyway. So I did everything correctly. It was fairly easy. And so were your instructions.

How to Rescue Your Photos From the My Secret Folder iPhone App

As I mentioned, everything other folder works. I found the correct my secret folder folder and it shows all of my images and photos Initially it was set to encrypt, but I backed it up again afterwards without encryption. That should overwrite the initial backup right? Garrett- I haven't come across this issue before. Are you sure that the backup was done with Encryption disabled? No, never deleted.

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As I mentioned all my files are listed, but they just show blank pages not actual images. Also how would I export them anyway? I see no option. Garrett - Depending on which version of the app you have, the app's filename in the backup can be different. I would try looking at the others.

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You did the un-encrypted backup to your computer in iTunes, right? I hope you didn't delete and re-install the app before backing it up - that would be unrecoverable. Not in the app folder itself. I tried your method and it did work All of my files show, but they all display blank pages. I tried the app update as well, but it still shows the stupid "developer needs to update this app to work with ios11" message. Any other tips? I also noticed that there was no export option for me either. Shadd - Don't restore your phone. Use the procedures show above to extract the files from the backup.

I have the backup from maybe 3 months ago. Will that revert my phone to the state it was at the time of the backup? I think that is a known bug of the new app. If you still have your unencrypted backup on your computer you're okay. Check with the app developer's website: I was able to recover everything and everything was fine for a few months. Manage your content with simplicity and keep track of incorrect password attempts with badge alerts and e-mail break-in reports. Key App Features: You must delete them yourself, after importing them into My Secret Folder, if you want to protect those pictures from prying eyes.

However videos from the Camera Roll are fully accessible and new videos can be recorded inside the My Secret Folder Application. Update to fix passcode issue when users move to a new device. Passcode suddenly doesn't work sad! Open Menu Close Menu Apple. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.