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Best Podcast Apps for Windows 10 Would LOVE a fix for that! This is the best podcast player on WP. I use a and all the others are either permabroken or extremely finicky. This one works and works rather well. My two complaints are 1 not a huge library. LOTS of podcasts are missing.

What platform do you listen to podcast the most on?

You can try, but they return the next time that the app is opened. Not sure why, but downloading for offline playback always fails. Missing several popular podcasts. If you already have media on your device there is no way to access it. It will only play downloaded podcasts.

Poor feature am going to uninstall. Much worse than the genetic app.

The missing podcast experience in Windows 10

It never crashed. I will give it that! Stupid thing won't remove items from list of downloads after deleting them so I always have to wade through everything I've ever downloaded every time! Quality podcast app! Two suggestions, make the FF and Rew controls on the volume panel work with the app and put a notification on a live tile of new episodes and the count. Translate to English. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services.

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Wish list. People who are particularly into video podcasts might prefer Miro and its interface that seems more designed for videos.

Want to listen on the go as well? We have you covered with apps that help you download, discover, listen, and more.

Image Credit: William Brawley on Flickr. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. I've been using Juice for many years now, and it has worked flawlessly or most of that time, but recently, I have had trouble with two podcasts out of a list of 67 that it checks each day, and finds four or five updated. The ones it is having difficulty with are This one is not being updated by CBC currently, but for the last several episodes, the titles were read out, which took seconds, then the podcast ended. They made some sort of change on Jan,, and Juice no longer sees the podcast.

I have searched the Internet and the SGU forum, and apparently nobody else is having this difficulty. It's 1. In order to help customize item tags and filenames, you can use the following special tokens in the tag and filename fields. These tokens will be replaced by the relevant text when the item is saved or tagged. Any text other than these tokens is copied unchanged to item filename or tag.

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Where required, the file type extension e. Token Will be replaced by Later items get higher numbers. If you use this as the first part of the filename or title tag then items will appear in order of download on most portable media players. Later items get lower numbers. If you use this as the first part of the filename or title tag then items will appear in reverse order of download latest first on most portable media players.

Podpuppy hasn't been developed for a few years now so it looks like it's the end of the road for it. Media Monkey is fantastic! Downloads subscriptions and syncs with your device. Can set options to only keep x number of podcasts both at the download and sync stages.

6 best podcast software for Windows PC users

I'm using Uhura http: It does not support actual authenticated podcasts ie the audio files are secured, not just the xml. I agree there is no good software for podcasts. I don't want it to add music from my pc. I just want audio, video, and search for podcasts. Itunes just gets worse and worse, but has the best list layout and search, plus I want to see the description of each podcast episode.

I am going back to an old version of iTunes because none of these are very good. The comments above about their being no decent podcast manager are correct.

10 incredibly useful Windows apps you'll be mad you're not already using

I need to subscribe to several authenticated podcasts and simply can't get a solution. Juice - claims to support authenticated podcasts, but doesn't work Miro - doesn't support authenticated podcasts iTunes - can only support one authenticated podcast per podcast server gPodder - doesn't support authenticated podcasts hermespod - doesn't support authenticated podcasts Clementine - doesn't support authenticated podcasts VLAN - doesn't support authenticated podcasts. Right now my only option appears to be running multiple copies of iTunes in multiple virtual or physical machines!

A Podcast is an audio file which is made available on the web made for listening. It could be a talk or a discussion which a user can download to his or her device and listen. If you are looking for apps that help you listen to Podcasts, take a look at this list. This is the best app for Podcast on Windows It is clean and simple, making sure you enjoy your podcast without putting a lot of head into the UI.

If you use iTunes on Windows 10, it can also use the iTunes database. It also has integration with OneDrive. If most of your podcasts are hosted on SoundCloud, the AudioCloud app is what you should be using. It supports features like playback, playback speed control, sleep timer, drag-and-drop playlist management, Cortana voice commands and Live Tile integration. Download it from the Microsoft Store. This is one media player which is full of surprises. You can not only use it for Video, and Audio, but also for Podcasts which is inbuilt into the player. This is good enough to stream podcasts online but might not fit as the only podcast app for you.

Audible is from the Amazon company.