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BlackBerry Bold 9790

The beat RIM's estimated 3G talk time of "up to 6 hours" by posting a time well over that mark of 7 hours and 22 minutes though this was with UMA turned off as WiFi was turned off. I also tried running the test with UMA more on that below , but I realized that the phone arbitarily switches to 3G-only even when its location has not changed.

In view of presenting consistent, repeatable results here, I decided to not go ahead with the UMA test. Understandably, the battery life will take a hit using UMA as the Call quality was also pretty good with nothing in particular to report. The speakerphone volume is plenty loud and audible even in moderately noisy environments. It is also interesting to note that the Bold review sample we had, being on the T-Mobile network, supports the UMA standard.

In other words, UMA can potentially use WiFi networks you have logged into to route phone traffic, thereby improving your network "coverage" and reducing the congestion on the carrier network. Both the device and the network need to support this feature in order for it to work.

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Moving on, the Bold seems to hold onto the signal very well. The antenna is located in the lower middle section of the device, not directly accessible without opening the phone up.

Battery Life and Call Quality - BlackBerry Bold Not So Bold

Because of this, I had to go through an extraordinary amount of effort to "cup tightly" and register the 19 dBm drop in signal. Likewise, even when held naturally the signal drops by about 11 dBm only in certain cases at locations where I don't get very good coverage. The majority of the time, the Bold showed almost no signal attenuation under normal usage when the cellular coverage is good. This is why I have marked the cupping tightly number for the with an asterix as it was definitely not normal, even for the tough cupping test.

As pointed out by one of our readers in the comments, I have updated the signal attenuation numbers based on the readout from the hidden Engineering Menu. Thanks for pointing that out Faruk88! As with previous Bolds and Curves , the keyboard takes pride of place. Along with the five BlackBerry navigation keys, it occupies the entire bottom half of the handset's face. If you're a BlackBerry lover you'll probably be able to type the complete works of Shakespeare on the Bold 's keyboard in an afternoon, thanks to its angled keys.

But as with most Qwerty-packing BlackBerrys, the keyboard's presence weighs heavily on usability by halving available screen real estate.

So if you're after a smart phone for watching videos or doing lots of web browsing you'll want a smart phone with a full-sized touchscreen. Email and messaging have been BlackBerry's lifeblood for years and, as you'd expect, the Bold has all the usual messaging suspects on tap.

BlackBerry email will hook up to your Gmail, Yahoo mail and Hotmail. There's also BlackBerry Messenger BBM and texting, Twitter and Facebook apps that plug you into your social networks and push notifications to your phone. The BBM app pulls in all types of messaging -- email, social networks, instant messaging, SMS text, Facebook and so on into a single feed.

This makes it easy to see who's been talking to you. From here there are also options to reply in various ways so you don't need to dive off into the full-fat Facebook app just to reply to a message. Once you've signed in, Facebook events are automatically added to your BlackBerry Calendar and the contacts on your phone can be linked with your Facebook account.

Battery Saving Mode - a new feature in OS 7.1

So the latest profile pictures of your mates will be added to your phone contacts list. But be warned -- this option also shares your phone contacts with Facebook and can eat up extra data. If you're on a pay-as-you-go tariff you may not want to check this box.

The Facebook app itself is packed with features -- including the ability to view your profile, upload photos and post status updates, check in to Facebook Places, view the news feed, see messages, notifications, friend requests, use Facebook chat, search for friends The has a 1GHz chip inside so it's a smidgen less beefy than last year's Bold , which had 1. We found the OS fast and responsive, with menus opening zippily and apps loading promptly. Full websites are a little slow to render in the native web browser so expect to see a fair amount of grey and white checkerboard as you pan around the site.

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We found scrolling and zooming fast and fluid though -- all the more so because you're able to pinch or flick the touchscreen assuming you can fit your fingers on it. Be warned -- there's no Adobe Flash support so lots of online videos won't play. There is a YouTube app though to provide your daily cute cat video fix.

BlackBerrys have long been lauded for their ability to eke out their battery like a squirrel husbanding its store of winter nuts. The 's spec sheet claims it will last 18 days on standby, or bank enough juice for 6. Talktime is also apparently good for 5.

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We found battery performance to be okay -- you'll easily get a day's normal use out of the Bold and, if you're only tapping infrequently, you might even manage several days without having to charge it. That said, heavy use -- playing with the phone a lot, leaving its screen on for long periods and having Wi-Fi switched on -- drank a surprisingly hefty slurp of juice in a short period. That's surprising considering the 's dinky screen. Watching videos certainly eats up the battery but with such a small screen you're unlikely to want to clock up hours of viewing.

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Introducing Battery Saving Mode in BlackBerry 7.1

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