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Dead Space lands on BlackBerry PlayBook and Android ... well, Xperia Play

When Norton finally reached the core, she went down to the bottom to uncover the problem of the core's overheating. She recorded what would be her final message for others to find in the eventuality of her demise, hoping that her efforts would be enough to set things right. When Norton reached the core, she found a large Necromorph wrapped around it's structure.

The S10 has a Bixby button, but it can be remapped to open any app

Near the end of the battle with the creature, Norton was wounded when it tried to pull her down below the core. Norton, now without her helmet managed to escape.

Too injured to move, she slumped down to the ground. She attempted to hail help from Tiedemann with the news that she was successful in her mission.

Has new hardware and software made the PlayBook a significantly better tablet?

She received no answer. Tyler reported to his superiors that the Necromorph outbreak was a success. The game provided several downloadable content packages for the players to enhance their gameplay experiences. These could be accessed from either the main menu or a Store throughout the game and could be purchased using the player's iTunes account.

Demonstration - Dead Space for Blackberry Playbook.

DLC was available for all files when it was purchased. These modes are only available for higher-end devices such as the iPod Touch 3rd Generation. Sign In Don't have an account?

Dead Space lands on BlackBerry PlayBook and Android well, Xperia Play

Start a Wiki. Dead Space Developer s: IronMonkey Studios Publisher s: Electronic Arts Platform s: January 25, iOS EU: Survival horror , third person shooter Mode s: Single player Rating s: Contents [ show ]. They also got some of the specs along with the video they captured below:. RIM has updated their popular Mobile Conferencing app this week to v1. This new version improves the app with the ability to turn an email into a conference invitation and some other great features.

The app remains free and is a sweet download if you use your BlackBerry to connect to conference calls regularly. Those security features were put to the test by penetration testers working for NGS Secure who poked and prodded both actual PlayBook devices and the simulators and confirmed the devices security. Share this: Like this: Check it out on your PlayBook at www. They also got some of the specs along with the video they captured below: The new version adds the following features: I did love some of the lines from the first part of the report which was just released like: PlayBook OS version 2.

We wanted to see if those updates have managed to improve the PlayBook's much-maligned software experience. A lot of what made the original PlayBook so palatable was its hardware.

Since its initial launch, there have been two iterations of the BlackBerry PlayBook. The 7-inch tablet is still quite comfortable to use for prolonged periods of time. Though no upgrades were made to the PlayBook's audio hardware, it's still as good as when it first debuted.

Video playback is smooth, and the audio can be turned up loud enough to clearly hear dialogue without the use of headphones. RIM has also made the PlayBook more user-friendly.

"The good" stayed good

Users are no longer expected to bridge the device to a BlackBerry handset, and the tablet can be utilized as a standalone device. The podcast app contains an impressive array of popular shows usually featured in the iTunes Store, the Kobo Books e-reader app's text is crisp and easy to read, and Slacker Radio sounds great. There's also a native Facebook app and an app called PressReader, which lets users download digital newspapers to read on the go. It's clear that RIM is trying to give the PlayBook its second lease on life by taking a cue from its competitors and not limiting the tablet to business-only functions.

But it has a couple of things that it really needs to work on before we would even consider this device over an iPad or Android tablet.

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We left the fully charged PlayBook running all night while transferring files to a computer; by the next morning, the battery was completely drained and the device required immediate charging. Retrieved July 18, In an effort to curb this, RIM had announced long ago that the PlayBook would eventually be able to handle Android apps, which is ironic considering Google's issues with its own app marketplace. At least uptil now ; Stay Tuned!! I just upgraded to Lion this morning. Though it's possible to access and manage third-party cloud storage services like Dropbox and Box. A badly injured Vandal manages to crawl out of the core, at which point it is revealed that Vandal is a female, Karrie Norton.

The things which made the PlayBook unappealing in the first place are unfortunately still present in the device. This might not be as big an issue if you're also utilizing a BlackBerry smartphone, since your content will be at least partly on that device, but it could be a stumbling block for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone users—especially because the PlayBook still doesn't offer third-party cloud integration.

The PlayBook OS is also a little finicky. While the hardware bump from 1GHz to 1. There were times when the operating system would stutter while responding to simple tasks like pushing a button or selecting an area to input text. Power management also seems to be an issue. We left the fully charged PlayBook running all night while transferring files to a computer; by the next morning, the battery was completely drained and the device required immediate charging.

Dead Space (mobile)

There are several options in the settings for stretching battery life, including lowering the screen's brightness, turning off Bluetooth, and pausing background applications. Though dimming the screen and nixing Bluetooth sound like they should help, toggling the "Application Behavior" setting to pause background apps was the only thing that had any significant impact.

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The BlackBerry's shrinking market share and perceived indifference to third-party integration means there isn't much of a rush for developers to even consider coding for it.